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We are a society of innovation and invention which works in the building with the objective of saving the time and space, the effort and the cost while having concern for the protection of health and the environment as well as a vision of aesthetics.

Our products

All the products presented on this web site are protected by national and international patents

Réservoir de la vie 2 en 1

Tank life

This economic system will reuse the water from the shower, bath or washing machine to transfer to flush the tank of your toilet.This wastewater will be filtered, chlorinated and reused two times instead of one.This innovation, in addition to being environmentally friendly, allows to save over 50% on the daily water consumption.

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Électricité sans choc 2 en 1

Electricity without shock

Today we encounter many dangers associated with electricity in our home.This system was set up to provide electricity safely throughout the house, making the risk of electric shock and fire near zero.This thinking and innovation made by ourselves allowed us to meet a need for security, especially for young children.

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Abattant hygiénique 2 en 1

Hygienic slaughtering 2 in 1

This automatic toilet seat system has been designed to avoid any contact with the seats of toilets often dirty and contaminated by bacteria, and help prevent against several diseases. Indeed, thanks to its automatic system, no need to lift the toilet with bare hands risking infection. Easy to clean, hygienic seat will always remain clean, reusable and highly effective

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Abattant hygiénique 2 en 1

Bidet toilet 2 in 1

We found the solution to the current sanitary problems. The toilet-bidet 2 in 1 will allow you to maintain an intimate hygiene in a more effective way.Our system consists of an integrated bidet to the toilet as well as a mechanical thermostat to adjust the temperature of the water and ensure optimal comfort. Economic and hygienic, the bidet toilet 1 2 will change your lifestyle

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Dual flush toilets

Ecological and economical, dual-flush toilets provide new answers to problems related to the high water consumption by conventional flush systems. They advantageously replace conventional toilets, large consumers of drinking water. Indeed, these toilets have a system that allows using only one liter of water, against 9 liters for conventional flushing and saves more than 80% of drinking water.

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